Walled City Lahore

Walled City Lahore

The city of gardens Lahore is a major city of Pakistan and it has always been the center of attraction for the tourists all around the world. Lahore is famous for its cultural heritage and amazing people with lovely hearts which is why it is often known as Zinda-Dilane-Lahore (City of lively hearts) meaningthe city of big hearted lovely people. When one plans to visit Lahore then it is question of where the tourist is going to get the real taste of its culture and traditions in a big enough city which has almost doubled its area in last 12-14 years and is still expanding. The answer to that is Walled City Lahore which refers to the interior part of Lahore and is also known as “Androon Shehr” and “Old city”. The Walled City is the true depiction of the city’s culture and its heritage and it certainly is the place to visit when you are planning to travel to Lahore. 

It’s pretty hard to tell the specific origin of Lahore but according to the carbon dating evidence of archaeological findings the time period may start as early as 2000 BC and Wall city is the place from where it originated. Walled City is the section of Lahore which was fortified by a wall during Mughal regime in order to restrict the movement of heavy invading forces and when the British annexed Punjab in 1849 they destroyed the city walls and replaced them with gardens some of which are still there. The access to walled city is still gained through the 13 ancient gates of city which are Bhatti gate, Lahori gate, Mori gate, Shah Alami gate, Mochi gate, Akbari gate, Delhi gate, Yakki gate, Shernwala gate, Kashmiri gate, Masti gate, Roshani gate and Taxalia gate. The Walled city covering 2560000 square meter of area and with population of around 200,000 has a whole life inside it and with its historical buildings it takes us back in time and tells us a story about ancient living. The narrow streets, the old roads , the houses which are two or three stories tall with flat roofs, overhanging windows and wooden balconies all are historical and differs it from the outer city and this is why it is a very important part of city.

There are many places to visit in the Wall city and it also has many big historical structure like Lahore Fort and Badshahi Mosque which were built during the Mughal rule and are very important for the city as they still stand and a lot of local and foreigners still visit them every day. Apart from Lahore Fort and Badshahi Mosque there is Data Darbar (the tomb of Saint Hazrat Syed Abul Hassan Bin Usman Bin Ali Al-Hajweri), Suneri Mosque, Doongi Masjid, the Masjid of Mariyam Zamani and the tomb of Maharaja Ranjit Singh of the Sikh Empire. It also includes few other tombs and many Havelis as well which are Nisar Haveli, Haveli Barood Khana, Salman Sirhindiki Haveli, Mubarak Begum Haveli Bhatti Gate, Chuna Mandi Havelis, Haveli of NauNihal Singh, Dina Nath’s Haveli and Mubarak Haveli.

The walled city is perfect for a tourist who loves the ancient architectures and are looking for some fascinating work of art from the old times and for the ones who are into the history of subcontinent or Mughal rule as there is a lot to learn about it from here but it is also for the people who loves food because the walled city of Lahore has a lot of local Lahori food to offer which one just cannot resist to eat when they smell it in the streets,and also not to ignore the people of Walled city who will treat a tourist as a guest and would love to cooperate with them. So the tourists does not only enjoy the architectural beauty or historical learning of it but also get to gel with the people of walled city and gets to eat amazing food. Walled City is very important for the subcontinent as it depicts the culture back then and has played an important role in the history and it definitely is a tourist delight.

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