Wagah India Pakistan Border Lahore

Wagah Pakistan-India Border Lahore

The world’s most stunning border where the most exciting border closing ceremony takes place on each sunset. Every single day, before dusk, hundreds of tourist and local people settle down on each side of the border to see the ceremony. The Wagah border owns historic importance for both Pakistani and Indian nationals

Almost halfway between Amritsar (India) and Lahore (Pakistan), the borderline separates the two traditional rivals with a well-decorated security. The line is meeting on both sides with the Grand Trunk Road, roughly called as the GT road. This border is of great importance in the history of sub-continent. Radcliffe line, drawn to divide the Punjab of subcontinent giving each half to one authority in 1947. This is the only road link for the highly controversial and mostly fought over Indo-Pak border. 

Each day, before sunset, the eye-catching crowd is gathered to prove their loyalty to their relevant country by uttering the  sky-tearing sounds of “Jai Hind” and “Pakistan Zindabad”. This is just a start that follows the closing of the gates on the border, which is not less than any contest between two traditional rival teams. The Pakistani rangers and the khaki-clad form Indian border security are highly concerned with the perfection of their duty of closing gate now. 

For any person who is visiting Punjab in Pakistan, visiting Wagah and watching this ceremony is a must. One can witness the cold war between the two rivals, without pointing a gun or even a figure and without uttering any word against the opponent. The excitement and love for the country is worth seeing. Not only the crowd, but also the securities that are responsible for closing the gates are also nothing less than a super hero on earth is. Each member, from each side is more than 6ft tall and muscular. Tidy in their uniforms and loaded with guns, the facial expressions are something that cannot be explained in words. The turbans are well-managed coxcomb and are more a pride of the country than a headgear. 

For the one who want to be a part of history themselves and witness the warmth of passion and aggression and live in their countries, by the attitudes of citizens of the two countries, must visit the border during closing hours. The carefully choreographed scorn: the soldiers facing goose steps of each other and the intimidating stares are much more than any snooping crossbreed battle that lasted for more than  an hour. With the sun sets, the flags hauled down, shake hands between soldiers of both sides occurs and signals the ceremonial ending and the gates are shut officially. There is much more around for the tourist to visit and learn about the cultural an historic value of the location.

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