Rehmat ul Alameen Park Sargodha

Rehmatul Alameen Park Sargodha

We all know that kids love to take rides. Be them the manual ones or the electric ones, having a ride is the most exciting thing that the kids look forward to having whenever they go out. There are some pretty amazing parks in Sargodha but if you have to visit one out of them, you should definitely go for the Rehmat ul Alameen Park. Considered as one of the oldest parks in Sargodha, it is the most sought after place for the tourists that have kids along with them.

How to reach there?

Being a famous park, everyone is aware of the locations of the Rehmat ul Alameen Park. It is so famous that even if you just step into the city and ask any passerby about the park just by naming it, he would let you know about the place. The park is located in Satellite town and that too at the main location of the town. If you are coming from the University road, all you need to do is to turn to the right and it will lead you to the Al Rehman Plaza. Moving ahead, you can turn right and when you keep moving, you can turn left and would find Burj Hurraira plaza. Moving ahead, to the right, you would find the Rehmat ul Alameen Park. The huge park has a lot of parking space to it and you do not need to worry about the safety of your vehicle. 

What to do there?

The park is filled with lots of electric as well as manual rides. IF you are with your kids, the place will turn out to be a heaven for them. You will witness a lot of people jogging around or having a walk. The long paths of the corners will help you in moving ahead and getting rid of your extra weight. The fountain will also be a great sight for you to see and you can make lots of pictures over there. The stalls of street food are also available which help you in holding your hunger. 

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