Jahangir Tomb Shahdara Lahore

Inside of Jahangir Tomb Shahdara Lahore

Near Lahore its premises of Shahdara Bagh (Garden) the mausoleum of Mughal Emperor Nur-ud-din Muhammad Salim (Persian and Imperial name Jahangir who ruled from 1605 to 1627) telling the story of the forgotten glory, grandeur and the lavish life-style which attracted the colonists to catch the golden sparrow. 
Many people don’t know that Jahangir was the son of Jala-uddin Akbar. Romantic stories have gathered around his name with the Mughal courtesan AnarKali.  The mythology is adapted into literature, art, silver and home screens of  Pakistan and India. 

The tomb is standing in Shahdara, Lahore which was the favorite spot of Jahangir and his wife Nur Jahan. Shahdara is translates as the ‘passage of kings’—is now a northern suburb of Lahore.  Shahdara has remained the entrance gate of Mughal Empire. There are added Mughal architectural sites in the Shahdara region: Akbari Sarai, tomb of NurJehan and tomb of Asif Khan. We can say there is a family of Jahangir sleeping in this part. Jahangir Tomb, in short is a good picnic resort situated in Shahdara. Shahdara is on the northern side of River Ravi and for local tourists who have interest in exploring Lahore and have not endeavored because of their rush of life—this is the last stop of Lahore Metro Bus. 

The tomb of Jahangir in short is in the tentative list of Jahangir tomb is one of the majestic monuments, whichrepresent the glorious architectural era of the Mughal architecturein the subcontinent (Pakistan and India).The constructionof Jahangir tomb dates back to the 17th century and was built on Persian traditions. Constituting of tomb's building in the center of walled garden locally known as Chahar-Bagh. The garden is divided into four gardens which are further divided into four, thereby splitting the whole into sixteen segments. These segments are separated by walkways and water channels which are elaborately decorated with geometric patterns, fountains and cascades (Gulzar, S., Chaudhry, M. N., & Burg, J. P. (2013). Chemical and Mineralogical Characterization of Old Mortars from Jahangir Tomb, Lahore-Pakistan. Asian Journal of Chemistry, 25(1), 133).

The interior of the mausoleum is higher than the surrounding area, with a box like funeral rectangle of white marble. The sides of this rectangle are fashioned with the floral patterns of montage.

International tourists who wanted visit Asia to go to Taj Mahal, should know that the floral works of both places—Jahangir Tomb and Taj Mahal—are same. 

The words cannot be the substitute to the live experience! 
Have experience! And go into the world of imagination!

What you can do here

  • Camera Hat or Caps (Summer) Picnic Accessories


  • Public Transport
  • Car
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  • Motor Cycle

Foods Availability

  • There are few canteens there Better to take food from outside.