Kiwaai Water Stream Naran

Kiwaai Water Stream Kaghan Valley KPK

Northern areas of Pakistan have many more beautiful places even it’s turned to be Switzerland. Kaghan, Narran, Soghran, Neelum, Kalash, Gilgit, Chitral, are few of the most beautiful places in the northern region of Pakistan.

Kiwaai is a small town located in Kaghan valley in province KPK in northern Pakistan. It is located on the main road which links shogran. It’s really beautiful place and is just 8 km away from Shogran. Kiwaai is a water stream on main road towards Naran Kaghan with some snacks and juice shops. You are moving towards Naran then must stay at Kiwaai. Sit on tables while your feet in frozenly cold water and order some Pakoras to eat. We assure you never feel the taste of Pakoras which you will witness there that is just because of the environment there. 

Kiwaai is a town actually and connected to a few markets and bazars. Where tourists can stay to buy different stuff related to traveling, climbing gadget and much more. There are many tuck shops and fruits shops as well for buying food and other stuff which is needed during a travel. It is in fact a place to get away from tiredness of the journey.

A number of filling and petrol pumps are there also where tourists stay and fill the tanks of their vehicles and trucks. There a number of centers available where some can buy jeeps and other four by four vehicles to travel towards shogran and Balakot.

There are a number of streams flowing with low water head creating a noise.  The tourist love to have chairs in the flowing water and sit in that crystal clear water and making sprints on one another and playing. One a clear day this whole area of flowing streams is simply awesome. Families sit there and enjoy beauty and healthy water. A number of hotels and restaurants are also there where tourists can stay have plenty of rest and eat.


We always recommend to check out weather of the particular region you are staying and the destination you are about to reach. As well as the varieties of warm clothes that will be quite enough for your trip. Of course, camera with extra batteries because sometimes a pair is insufficient to capture to heart fill.And one important thing is filled valet. Before you enter into water streams you should off your shoes and socks as the water is too much chilled and you need to get them warm.

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What you can do here

  • Camera


  • Public Transport
  • Jeep
  • Car
  • Horse & Mule
  • Bicycle
  • Motor Cycle

Foods Availability

  • Pakoras are special Everything Available