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Kaghan Valley KPK

Kaghan valley along with Neelum, Narran, and Kalam and Hunza valleys is a beautiful place attracting thousands of tourists in a single day. It starts from Balakot a famous and marvelous place up to Babusar pass for about a distance of almost hundred and sixty kilometers. Deep blue lakes milky glaciers spread among eastern side of Himalayan range also known as lesser Himalayan.

Beside known places there are hundreds of beautiful spots hidden behind thick forests which are less known and less visited. Valley can be approached form motorway between Peshawar and Islamabad passing through beautiful city Abbottabad. Mansehra is considered as the gateway to Kaghan valley.

Narran is a town in Kaghan valley. It is almost 160 km from Abbottabad. There are breathtaking views of glacial melt and forming Kunhar Riverlashing green valleys. There is pretty much snow fall in winter. There is cold in winter and mild cool in summer. Tourist fond of snowfall must visit this place.

While traveling towards Siri PAYE there is a beautiful place named shogran just 12 km before sari paya. It is very famous spot and has vast green lashing meadows where tourists can see beautiful cattle and other animal’s grassing. It is a very beautiful place where one can spend a relaxing day in hotel accommodation. It is also important because ahead is adventurous hiking towards Siri PAYE.

It’s important to mention its fifth best tourist destination in Pakistan by Guardian. Some still believe that prince and fairy queen still live there. Lake is completely frozen during winter ideal time to visit is from June to September. For adventure its best place for boating although rescue facilities are not there yet. Setting a camp for the night there and spending a night at fairy land may be someone’s best night is the life time.

Balakot is a large town having proper market hotel and restaurants. All sort of transport is available here for almost all parts of Kaghan. Local and beautiful handicrafts can be bought from these markets at very reasonable price.

Many rest houses are also available. KPK government maintains such rest houses almost on every tourist destination. Sometimes these rest houses are only buildings seen from miles around. These are although mainly for the government officials and officers but of course tourist can also stay there on payment.

Local markets are filled with products of local and homemade industries. Fruits and dry fruits of the valley are available in plenty and in abundance in very reasonable price. Art pieces along with beautiful wear outs are there representing culture and tradition. Tourists love to buy them. Beautiful jewelry precious stones gem stones can also be seen in the markets. Some are pretty much expensive. These are the number of things tourist love to do there.

For visiting such beautiful place warm clothes warm bedding must be arranged. Further camera must be there for making such beautiful visit a remarkable journey to remember in the future and of course plenty of money.

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