DudiPatSar Lake Naran

DudiPatSar Lake Kaghan Valley KPK

Dudipatsar Lake is one of the beautiful Lakes of KPK in Naran. Dudipatsar Lake is also known as Dudipat Lake. It is encircled by snow clad and located in Lulusar Dudipatsar National Park. It is in extreme north of Kaghan valley.

Meaning of word dudi is white whereas pat means mountain and sar is termed as lake. So Dudipatsar Lake is called so because of white snow surrounding the lake. During clear days of summer water reflects light just like a mirror.

Water of lake is very beautiful and greenish blue and frozenly cold. It has a height of almost 12,500 feet.(3800 m ) above sea level. Basically portion is of western Himalayan various animal related to the region are seen there often. Lake is primary head water or prime sources of river kunhar. Here one may enjoy the endless beauty of nature blessed to Pakistan.

Lake and park is easily reached for four months of summer June to late September. Reflecting water gives enchanting views to the visitors. Lake has abundant of trout.

There are resting and staying spots where tourists can stay have plenty of rest. One of the most delicious and famous trout fish is as described earlier found here abundant can be easily available. Further one for all the beauty due to which many around the globe are attracted toward this region.


It is strongly recommended not to track the in the snow as the region is widely known due to its height and avalanches. Ice is breaking in the sunlight vibrations can trigger an avalanche. Bringing luggage for bon fire and frying fish would be great.

Fishing luggage can be brought if you really want to catch trout and then enjoy it. Cameras are very useful for making the tour even more memorable. The shoes that are of good quality can be used mainly for hiking purpose. As well as first aid kit that may be needed if any one fell on stony places.

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  • Horse & Mule
  • Trekking

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  • Trout Fish Snacks & Juices