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Babusar Top Pass Kaghan Valley KPK

Pakistan is blessed with astonishing and endless beauty. The trip towards the Northern Areas of Pakistan is just marvelous. When we are on the way to Gilgit and Hunza one of the fantastic spots is Babusar Top. It is a connection between Chilas and Naran. Babusar top is a mountain pass known as Babusar pass located in Kaghan Valley. It’s the highest point in the valley.

Babusar Top can be reached easily via car. By covering the long distance of few hundred meters and reaches the Babusar Top. Its elevation is about 4173 m or 13700 ft. The top view is simply amazing and astonishing just like a blissful part of earth as far as the eye can see. It is such a blessing for the one who go there and enjoy all the beautiful scenes. 

When after you reached at the highest point and if you’re lucky you will be able to see the panorama of Malika-e-Parbat on some bright day. It is the highest and beautiful peak of the district Kaghan with a height of 17000 ft., beautiful mountain tops of Kashmir covered with green snow plateaus winding roads incredible cloud touching trees as long as the eyes can see.

It was a famous place and pinned board having calculated distances of neighboring cities of Pakistan and China on the top. Any decorative restaurants are not seen there, but snacks and some eatables can be bought from indigenous dhabas. Such dhabas can be easily seen on entire northern areas.

From Babusar top one can be headed toward naran by covering merely 80 km distance. Gilgit is almost 414 from there’s. From Naran, there is a way to Battakundi Lalazar Plateau, Lake Dodiputsar, and Lake Lulusar.Lulusar is the largest natural freshwater in Hazara as a foundation of Kunhar River.


It is extremely suggested to visit Babusar Top in the months of June, July, August and September as during the months of monsoon and winter movement is mostly difficult due to snow. 11 C is maximum recorded temperature of the valley during May.

It is greatly recommended when you organize such kind of trips you should carry plenty of stocked food cameras for capturing astonishing landscapes and must carry warm clothes with you. Before starting travel always check the weather forecast. Evenings are very frosty even during summer. The entire trip to the top of babusar is simple memorable and marvelous. This one spot in the northerly zones of Pakistan is surely worth visiting when someone is going off to further linking places such as Naran and Gilgit.

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