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Do you have a plan to go for the picnic? Then you should visit the Ayubia. It spreads over to the four-hill station which is known as Ghora Daka, Changla Gali, Khanspur, and Khairagali. There are some modern amenities including hotels, restaurants around these four hills, which are making it a blissful place for revitalizing your senses. This fresh and flourishing hill station are gifted with the refreshing natural beauty.
Some of the famous attractions of Ayubia are:

Ayubia National Park
Another highlight of this beautiful place is the National Park. This place is blessed with an incontrovertible charm, a perfect destination to visit during summers, to overcome the boiling summer heat and to enjoy the natural richness of green and plants. Its natural beauty and rich plant life grab the attraction of the tourists from all over the world specially in the evening. There is very walk track from Ayubia to Donga Gali with majestic naturally beauty. 

As I mentioned above, that Ayubia is a hub of four hill stations. People use the Chairlift to see the Neelam View and to enjoy the peak of frosted hills.

Restaurant and accommodation
Are you a food lover? Then this hill station is perfect for you. There are many traditional live, vibrant restaurants everywhere at Ayubia, which provides delicious foods along with the entertainment and accommodation. Above all, music and entertainment, which is provided by them are suitable for all ages of people. Every restaurant has a TV so the visitor can easily watch his favorite programs like a football match, music show or news along with the favorite food and drinks. Here you will get all type of food like Chinese, see food or any other meal of your choice. 

Above all, Ayubia is the best place to experience and enjoy the Wildlife. You will get the opportunity to see wild animals like lion and tiger which are normally found in the forest. Apart from the animals, you can also enjoy the inexpensive and satisfying bird watching experience. Here, you will find around 1200 different species of birds along with the migrants, which gives you the chance to enjoy the beautiful diversity of birds.

So, come and explore this wonderful side of Pakistan and a new perception of everything. Have a pristine experience of the lavish green surroundings and natural beauty of this hill station.

What you can do here

  • Camera Jackets or Warm Cloths Joggers for Trekking


  • Public Transport
  • Jeep
  • Car
  • Horse & Mule
  • Trekking
  • Bicycle
  • Motor Cycle

Foods Availability

  • Everything