Kargah Buddha Gilgit

Kargah Buddha Gilgit

Indeed Buddha is an historical figure of  Indian Subcontinent, who initiated a belief called Buddhism which flourished considerably in Hindustan in addition to neighboring countries like China, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand etc. And after the death of Buddha, it was customary for his followers to carve  his image on the stones and rocks to show their love for their spiritual leader.

As the followers of Buddhism were spread all over the sub continent and they carved his images often, so in this one of his carvings on the rock was found which is located in Kargah Buddah, at Gilgit-Baltistan, near Kargah Nullah, a ravine. This distance is of 10 km from  Gilgit Town, Gilgit, Pakistan, which is a picnic and tourist point which receive heavy amount of visitors from  all over the world every year.

It is an historical and archaeological site, where carving of Buddha was carried out in seventh century, which was discovered in 1938-39. This discovery confirms the learned communities in Gilgit and Hunza as with the discovery  of carving of Buddha in Kargah Buddha, stupas were also discovered.

As the Gilgit Baltistan is situated on the intersection of silk route, it received great influence from the Buddhism with the result that carvings  of the same kind were also be found from here. As a part of Indus Civilization, Pakistan is rich in Gandhara Art under which statues and images of Buddha were carved frequently in the areas of Gilgit-Baltistan. 

The aforementioned site of carved image of Buddha which was carved in monastery and three stupas 400 meters upriver from the Buddha. It is worth mentioning here that Ghandara is the name of area in north west Pakistan and Buddhism probably reached to this area in the beginning of third century and in the first century AD, this religion gained great local support. During the middle of fifth century, it was conquered by different groups but continued to survive in Swat Valley, Kashmir and Afghanistan.

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