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Hunza Valley Gilgit Baltistan

One can live a very comfy life staying back home in a large metropolitan city, but once you travel to the northern areas of Pakistan, you realize the amount of tranquility these beautiful mountains offer. 

Hunza valley is situated in the Karakoram Range to the north of Hunza River. Its remarkable snow capped mountains, breathtaking views of landscape, lush green fields and glaciers has granted this place title of “The Heaven on Earth”. It lies at an elevation of 8,500 feet above the sea level with mountain peaks of 25,550 feet tall. 

Valley is well-known globally due to the long life of its people and hospitality. Because of their simple way of living they live a healthy long life. Many people of the valley can understand and speak Urdu and English. 

This valley is perhaps the most visited valley by the tourists in Pakistan. The scenic views of rocky & snow covered mountains are no less than a fairy tale land. The valley is at a distance of 100 Kilometers from Gilgit. Hunza is the first major town if you are entering Pakistan from China by road. The valley can be accessed easily after the construction of Karakoram highway.

The Valley is famous due to its delicious apricots and almonds other sorts of dry fruits.  There are plenty of luxurious hotels, motels and tourist resorts in Hunza, one can pick from hotels like Serena, Marco-polo and PTDC Motel and other small hotels that are located on the main Karakorum highway. 

The central Hunza commonly known as ‘Karimabad’ offers spectacular views of Rakaposhi Mountain. When in Hunza, one must visit spectacular valley of Nagar, Passu and Khunjerab Pass. Eagle’s nest is a point near Hunza valley; from here you can have a fabulous view of whole Hunza valley. From here you can hike up to famous Altit and Baltit fort as well.

The mesmerizing beauty of  Hunza Valley  has made it a favorite spot for tourists from all over the world. The valley has to offer a number of attractive tourists’ sites and engaging activities. Some must visits of  Hunza  are as follows:

1. Rakaposhi Mountain
This mountain is also known as ‘Dumani Mountain’ i.e. the mother of mist. Rakaposhi means ‘shinning wall’, probably because the mountain is surrounded with glacier valleys and it is the 12th  highest mountain peak of Pakistan, famous for its scenic magnificence.

2. The Baltit Fort
The Baltit Fort has a magnificent structure, almost 700 years old. It was the place of residence for the rulers of that region. Over the last couple of years many alterations has been introduced and now it is converted into a museum.  

3. Altit Fort
It is considered a century older than the Baltit Fort and is situated at the foot of the valley. The products of local skilled labors of the region can be acquired from the bazaar of Hunza nearby.

4. Hunza River
It is the major river of the Hunza Valley which is formed by the merger of five rivers.These rivers receive crystal clear water from glaciers.The Karakoram Highway crosses the River Hunza, offering breath taking views. The people of valley depend on this river as a source of clean water.

A number of new bridges, besides the already existing old ones, are built over this river. The suspending bridges over the river at Passu are a must visit for anyone visiting this valley.

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