Fairy Meadows Chilas

Fairy Meadows Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan

Like Fairy Tales, the name of Fairy Meadows brings our imagination to a place which is like paradise on the earth, located in the mountains of Gilgit-Baltistan and  is as beautiful as paradise of Shangrilla, discovered by British in 1850, and its name is often found in foreign travels. Its nearest city is Chilas.

Fairy Meadows, as its name suggests, is a lavish grassland, named by a   Australian Climber in 1953,  who came here to climb the peak of Nanga Parbat, and leading to Nanga Parbat, it is a camp site, which is located in Diamer District, Gilgit-Baltistan, Northern Areas of Pakistan which attract a great number of foreign  in addition to local tourists annually. Locally it is called Joot and 3300 meters above the sea level. As earlier suggested, Fairy Meadows is called “Heaven on Earth” due to its wonderful and unmatchable beauty.

Fairy Meadows is accessible through Karakoram Highway leading to the village Tato, and from Tato, one can reach to Fairy Meadows by hiking of five kilometers.

This grassland is a site of great tourism importance having surrounded by  thick alpine forests in addition to coniferous forest. The slopes located in south are rich with juniper and scrubs. In addition to these beautiful and elegant forests which mesmerize the human imagination to a level that no one wants to leave this place, some mammals, such as few brown bears are found here the number of which is becoming very small.

It is very difficult to travel for Fairy Meadows at any time during the year as only six months are available for touring such beautiful site like paradise on the earth, i. e. April to September. The site is not fully developed but it generates great economic support in the shape of revenue from travelers who come from all over the world in addition to Pakistan also.

An experience of night camping in Fairy Meadows leaves an excellent and unimaginable effect on the visitor who stays in traditionally constructed wooden cottages there when he breathtakingly views the mighty Nanga Parbat and its icy peaks show the original and real natural beauty.

Fairy Meadows is governed by the Government of Gilgit-Baltistan and in 1995, Government of Pakistan declared it as National Park.

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