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Baltit Fort Hunza Valley

The main reason for the construction of  Fort of Baltit Fort was  that in 1540, two royal brothers of Hunza Royal family residing in Altit Fort engaged in a dispute, and in the result, Fort of Baltit, came into being, which was declared new capital of Hunza.

Baltit Fort is situated in the beautiful valley of Hunza located in Gilgit-Baltistan, northern areas of Pakistan. It was built in 11th century and it is 2800 m above the summits of the Himalayas.

Baltit Fort is an attractive and worth-seeing cite of Pakistan which receive many tourists from all over the world besides Pakistan. The For Baltit is located in a valley which is rich in beautiful mountains, woods and rivers.

According to modern day research, the Fort of Baltit was built about 765 years ago but originally this period was considered as 700 years. It is important to note that current structure of the Fort of Biltit appeared after undergoing various stages of construction.

Historically, its construction structure was changed when a ruler of Hunza was married with a princes of Gilgit Baltistan in the beginning of 15th century and many a artisans came with the princess who changed the structure of the Fort.

In 1891, when the British was expecting attack from Russians, they attached the state of Hunza and defeated its ruler Mir Safdar Ali Khan, which succeeded to escape from the British and according to the will of people of Hunza, the British handed over the State to the younger brother of Mir Safdar Ali Khan, who changed the structure of the Fort considerably, the main part of third floor was dismantled, white wash was applied on the internal and external surfaces in addition to installation of colored glasses in the windows.

It was the seat of royal family until 1945 because Mir Mohammad Jamal Khan shifted to his new palace after capturing throne. Due to non availability of any care system, this fort was compelled to become in a poor condition.

Under this situation, the renovation was carried by Agha Khan Trust for culture which took six years. Moreover, after renovation, this Fort was officially inaugurated by the then president, Mr. Farooq Ahmad Laghari in addition to Prince Karim Agha Khan, which enabled the Fort to receive a considerable amount of tourists annually  from all over the world and Pakistan also.

This Fort not only denotes the civilization and culture of northern areas of Pakistan which are  model beautiful area in Pakistan in addition to rest of the world but also this Fort is representative of great history of this area.

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