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Attabad Lake Gilgit Baltistan

The northern areas of Pakistan are rich in breathtaking scenes, lush green hills, deep blue lakes and sky kissing mountains. Like other attractive places to visit in the northern areas Hunza valley offers absolute serenity and peace to escape the daily grind of life.

In between snow covered peaks of Hunza mountains lies Attabad lake also known as Gojal lake which was formed in the year 2010, as a consequence of a massive land sliding at Attabad village in Gojal valley, Gilgit Baltistan. 

The Hunza River pours its water into the Attabad Lake. The depth of the lake is 358 feet almost 109 meters and the length is almost 13 miles i.e. 21 kilometers.

The total volume of the water in the lake is 330,000 acre feet, where the tourists can take pleasure in riding a boat while enjoying the beauty around them of mountains mostly covered with snow and therapeutic landscapes capable of transforming a boat ride into a relaxing  experience. The boat ride is a must at Attabad Lake when you are in  Hunza Valley.

The villages near the Attabad are Gulmit, Shishkat and Ghulkin. It is almost 14 hours to reach this Ali-abad, a village have a distance of 30 minutes of drive towards  the lake from Islamabad. If you are not in a mood to drive your car  grab the  Daewoo bus service which takes nearly 20 hours to reach Hunza and enjoy the  comfortable and relaxing journey towards your destiny.

In the year 2015 Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif inaugurated the Pakistan-China Friendship Tunnels, which have been constructed by China over the Attabad Lake. The seven kilometer long five tunnels are part of the 24km long portion of the Karakorum Highway (KKH) which was damaged in 2010 due to land sliding at Attabad. 

This tunnel provides freedom from loading your car/jeep onto the boat the moment  you cross the lake it provides ease of transportation and magnificent views of the lake around, perhaps it  attracts large number of tourists  from all over the world. So Gilgit Baltistan better embrace itself for growth, success and plethora of tourists!

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