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Altit Fort Hunza

The lap of mesmerizing Hunza Valley of Pakistan, which is itself a great tourism  asset for its beauty and natural scenery, carries the jewel namely Altit Fort which is an ancient and unique cite of Gulgit-Baltistan of Hunza Valley. As its name denotes, originally the Altit Fort is situated in the town of Altit. The Fort which was built around 1100 years ago, attracts so many visitors from all over the world every year that the tourism industry of Pakistan is growing with a tremendous speed.

As history suggests, White Huns were the inhabitants of town of Altit but the first name of Altit was Hunukushal meaning the village of Huns. It is said that the White Huns were related to HuangHo valley of China and their religions were Hinduism and Budhism. But in 15 century, Islam came here with its glory and peace and the inhabitants embraced Islam in 1830.

The glorious structure of Fort Atlit is 1000 feet above the Hunza Valley and it has only one tower which is known as Shikari Tower, was built to have  an good eye on the whole valley consisting of mountains, woods and rivers.

It is an interesting feature of the Fort of Atlit that in 1540, two royal brothers of Hunza Royal family indulged in a dispute causing construction of another Fort of Baltit, which was declared new capital of Hunza.

The ancient and unique importance of Altit Fort is evident from this fact that it carries the traces of ancient traces of life as there are vessels and utensils present which were being used by royal family. Moreover, doors, windows and stairs which are made of wood, are beautifully carved.

During preliminary period the fort was surrounded by the inhabitants who were traders by profession and bring different goods from all over the world and they used to enter China through historical silk route.

According to construction plan, the Fort Altit was located on two rocks, eastern and western rock while eastern rock is more high than western rock, and the fort had been built in six different stages consisting of two floor buildings, single floor building, three floor watch tower and mosque was built during fourth stage of building.

Initially this fort was being supervised by Raja Amin Khan who relinquished its charge giving it in the supervision of Agha Khan Cultural Services of Pakistan, which renovated the Fort to preserve its historical heritage. In this connection, during the period of General Musharraf, in 2006, Prince Karim Agha Khan and Prince Charles visited here to study the developing works.

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